About Aspire Dancesport

Aspire Dancesport is an ISTD and UKA dance school based in Cambridge and the surrounding areas. Aspire Dancesport offers a variety of dance styles, disco freestyle and street jazz, lyrical slow, Rock 'n' Roll, modern ballroom and latin american.

Aspire offers classes for children as young as 3 years old and then continuing right through to their teens, Adult ballroom and latin courses and one to one lessons are available.

As Aspire I am dedicated to proving the highest level of dance training to all our pupils. Everyone has a reason for learning to dance whether it is to boost confidence and make friends, to learn a new skill or just the sheer love of dance, we have something to offer you. 

what else does Aspire offer

Within our group children's classes we like to actively encourage pupils to participate in regular examinations as we feel it offers them a goal to work towards with their class work and offers them an amazing sense of achievement when they receive their examinations certificate and award.

For those pupils who wish to push them selves further into dance we offer the chance to join our competition squad in disco freestyle and ballroom and latin. Competitions can give a great sense of pride and also helps teach the valuable skill of good sportsmanship. We have a fantastic competition squad with all parents and pupils encouraging and supporting each other, this all adds to a great atmosphere. 

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why aspire dancesport is different

We see each and every pupil as an individual and recognise that everyone has a different ambition with what they want to achieve with their own dancing. Therefore pupils are given every opportunity to take their dancing where they wish whether that is just their weekly class, examinations or even onto competitions. 

At Aspire Dancesport is important to us that we get to know each pupil as this allows us to help provide a more tailored dance journey so that pupils can feel at ease and gain the best out of their dancing. 

It is my goal to encourage a passion for the art of dance in every pupil who attends Aspire Dancesport. Passion isn't limited to those who can do the most spins, passion is something that every pupil can accomplish no matter what their ability.